Talks outside the box

Онлайн-проект у форматі TED talks про дизайн-мислення та креативну презентацію.

Do you want to enhance your English speaking?

Have you ever dreamed of staying at the stage of TED talks?

Are you interested in the way inspiration would work for you?

«Talks outside the box» is:

  • New day = new TED talks video
  • Discussions, teamwork, art therapy
  • Master-class from a performer at TED talks in NYC
  • Creative lection from a producer of top productions

Finally, you will be ready for the most magnificent mount – your speech.

Who can take part: teens and youth who strive for personal growth.

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Де: онлайн

Коли: 28-31 липня

Дедлайн подачі: 25.07.2020

Вартість: безкоштовно